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Far too often we hear investor stories about an apartment they bought off the plan that was ‘too good to be true’, whether that be from another state or the last one from a development. When considering apartments as an investment you really need to do your research as choosing a project based on the suburb, the expected returns and comparable sales just won’t cut it. You need to know who the developer is, their history including other projects they have completed in the past. You also need to know who else is buying into the development as there needs to be a healthy balance of owner occupiers and investors or it could spell trouble for you in the long run.  At HomeBound, we are property experts which means we’ll source, investigate and negotiate the right investment for you. This includes all the necessary research to give you peace of mind.  Contact us today for a no obligation discussion or call 1300 747 427 for more information about our exclusive off-the-market properties.

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