Improve the value of your property investment

Improve the value of your property investment

There are ways you can improve the value of your property investment on a budget. Here’s a few tips that will make a difference if you want to improve the valuation or sale of your investment property. While you probably won’t be able to add a top of the range kitchen, you’d be surprised how much you can improve your investment by just making small updates:

1. Upgrade your bathroom if it’s looking a little tired. Install new shower screens, new mirrors, update taps and plugs, paint tiles and grout and even look to update light fittings. If you have an old bath look to replace or resurfacing.

2. Invest in a paint refresh! This is one of the most impactful things you can do to improve the value of your property investment. If your interior walls are daggy or looking a bit tired, choose a nice neutral or modern colour to brighten things up. Same goes for the exterior, and paint the front and back doors, gutters, mailbox, fences, etc.

3. Tidy up and then tidy up some more as first impressions count! The exterior of your home is the first impression that a potential buyer or valuer will see so tidy up your back and front garden and where appropriate,  add in some new soil, shrubs and ornaments. This will boost your property investments street appeal. Also don’t forget to give your home a deep clean and replace anything that looks old or needs repairing. Buyers and property valuers are on the lookout for these types of things pointing to a dodgy renovation or other problems.

4. Declutter your property as much as possible. This will help to make your interior spaces to seem larger, allowing potential buyers to visualise themselves in your property.

5. If budget permits, look at the kitchen and paint doors, or keep the bones of a kitchen and just update the benchtops. Laminate benchtops have amazing options these days, they are affordable and durable.

If you want some more help with your investment property or your next one, give our team at HomeBound a call.

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